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Update on Jamp's Ampera-e App & infrastructure solution 2021.09.30

Oppdatert: 11. okt. 2021

As you all know we have reached far in our work building a new European infrastructure for the Opel Ampera-e. We want you all to be "Jampified" into our new Jamp EV world, and we are really pleased to give you all a good look at our brand new app-solution that will be available on both IOS and Android, and in dark and light mode.

The Jamp solution are divided into tree different tracks:

1. The consumers end (user)

2. The middle end (infrastructure)

3. The car end (car electronics)

We have earlier signalized that we plan to release and start pilot Q4 this year, and that will still be our goal. But we must also be honest and admit that the car end is a bit more complex regard to finalize our commercializable platform. This is the area where we and all our partners focus the work right now. We have the best competence in Europe working on this with the highest focus, and we will get the technical parts together for sure, but it could take some more time. Please be patient - we know it will be worth waiting.


Q: Are the Jamp solution totally new?

A: Yes, nothing from the old communication solution is able to be reused

Q: Will this also include the old LTE communication module?

A: Yes, also this module. The Jamp solution will include a new module supported by an European carrier

Q: So the old communication unit can be removed then?

A: No, because it's still serve a lot of other Ampera-e specific tasks in the vehicle

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